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Rotary Foundation
Category:foundation Date:1917  
Updated:2018-03-06 06:54 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Tampa  Map
Ferguson Law Center Tuesday Noon 1610 N. Tampa Street Tampa, FL 33602
Category:clubs Date:1920  
Updated:2018-03-24 21:55 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of St. Petersburg  Map
St. Petersburg Yacht Club - Friday noon 11 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Category:clubs Date:1920  
Updated:2018-03-22 22:54 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Clearwater  Map
Belleair Country Club, Wednesday 12:15 PM 1 Country Club Ln., 33756
Category:clubs Date:1924  
Updated:2018-04-09 11:34 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Soule South Korea  Map
Grand Hyatt Hotel, noon, Selected dates Grand Hyatt Hotel, Soule, South Korea
Category:clubs Date:1927  
Updated:2018-04-14 14:12 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Tokya Japan  Map
Imperial Hotel 1-1, Uchisaiwai-cho, Choyoda-ku, Tokyo
Category:clubs Date:1927  
Updated:2018-04-14 14:16 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Pinellas Park  Map
Banquet MastersThursday 12:15 13355 49th St N, Clearwater, FL
Category:clubs Date:1954  
Updated:2018-03-31 06:39 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Hudson  Map
CARES Enrichment Center, Thursday 11:45 12417 Clock Tower Pkwy, Hudson, FL 34667-2411
Category:clubs Date:1973  
Updated:2018-04-05 09:12 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Port Richey  Map
Carrabbas Friday noon United States, FL, Port Richey, 10110 US Hwy 19 N, 34668
Category:clubs Date:1981  
Updated:2018-04-07 14:52 by Don Higgins
End Polio Now
Category:foundation Date:1985  
Updated:2018-03-06 07:14 by Don Higgins
Rotarians On The Internet
Category:fellowships Date:1989  
Updated:2018-03-05 22:10 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison Pakistan  Map
Savoey Hotel, Friday 18:30 PM Gurumangat Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
Category:clubs Date:1996  
Updated:2018-04-14 14:42 by Don Higgins
Rotary Global History Fellowship
Category:fellowships Date:2000  
Updated:2018-03-06 06:33 by Don Higgins
Rotary Action Group For Peace
Category:rags Date:2011  
Updated:2018-03-06 06:26 by Don Higgins
Zone 34
Category:zones Date:2018-03-06  
Updated:2018-03-10 06:30 by Don Higgins
Category:districts Date:2018-03-06  
Updated:2018-03-10 06:30 by Don Higgins
District 6890
Category:districts Date:2018-03-08  
Updated:2018-03-10 06:31 by Don Higgins
Zone 33
Category:zones Date:2018-03-08  
Updated:2018-03-10 10:19 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of Miami  Map
Miami Yacht Club 1001 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132
Category:clubs Date:2018-03-08  
Updated:2018-03-24 21:52 by Don Higgins
Rotary Club of San Juan  Map
AFDA Club Tuesday Noon 2 Calle Cervantes, Condado, San Juan, PR
Category:clubs Date:2018-03-08  
Updated:2018-03-24 22:01 by Don Higgins
Rotary Camp Florida
Category:facilities Date:2018-03-11  
Updated:2018-03-12 09:29 by Don Higgins
Rotaract Club of St. Leo University
Category:rotaract Date:2018-03-11  
Updated:2018-03-11 19:50 by Don Higgins
Dixie Hollins High School Interact
Category:interact Date:2018-03-12  
Updated:2018-03-12 08:42 by Don Higgins
Rotary International Office in Korea
Category:offices Date:2018-03-12  
Updated:2018-03-12 09:27 by Don Higgins
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