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Albert Einstein
Category:heroes Date:1879
Updated:2018-02-26 10:54 by Don Higgins
Carl Sagan
Category:heroes Date:1932
Updated:2018-02-26 11:04 by Don Higgins
Dr. John Ehrman the Father of IBM High Level Assembler
Category:heroes Date:1935
Updated:2018-03-16 13:55 by Don Higgins
Stephen Hawking
Category:heroes Date:1942
Updated:2018-03-16 12:50 by Don Higgins
John Von Neuman Inventor of Stored Program Computing
Category:heroes Date:1945
Updated:2018-02-26 11:10 by Don Higgins
Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio
Category:heroes Date:2012
Updated:2018-02-26 11:15 by Don Higgins
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