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Rotarians On The Internet ROTI
Category:groups Date:1990
Updated:2018-01-07 20:43 by Don Higgins
Living With Glaucoma Yahoo Group
Category:groups Date:1992
Updated:2018-01-07 06:49 by Don Higgins
Detached Retina Yahoo Group
Category:groups Date:1992
Updated:2018-01-08 10:29 by Don Higgins
Bayou Chat
Category:groups Date:1999
Updated:2018-01-07 06:29 by Don Higgins
Living With Low Vision Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2004
Updated:2018-01-07 07:04 by Don Higgins
z390 Mainframe Assembler and Emulator
Category:groups Date:2004
Updated:2018-01-07 06:40 by Don Higgins
Rotary District 6950 Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2005
Updated:2018-01-07 20:51 by Don Higgins
Higgins Turano Extended Family Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2009
Updated:2018-01-08 11:41 by Don Higgins
Rotarians On Social Networks Fellowship ROSNF
Category:groups Date:2010
Updated:2018-01-07 20:41 by Don Higgins
Low Vision Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2010
Updated:2018-01-09 07:47 by Don Higgins
Bayou Club Community Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2010
Updated:2018-01-08 20:22 by Don Higgins
Rotarian Astronomers Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2010
Updated:2018-01-08 11:31 by Don Higgins
Rotarian Action Group for Peace Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2011
Updated:2018-01-07 20:44 by Don Higgins
Friends of St Thomas Facebook group
Category:groups Date:2015
Updated:2018-01-08 07:44 by Don Higgins
Scrapbook Chronicles User Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2017
Updated:2018-03-02 10:31 by Don Higgins
Florida Power Club Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2017
Updated:2018-01-09 07:15 by Don Higgins
Blind Users of Uber and Lyft Facebook Group
Category:groups Date:2017
Updated:2018-01-08 11:09 by Don Higgins
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