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Amazing Grace by Judy Collins
Category:music Date:1767
Updated:2018-01-06 08:20 by Don Higgins
Albert Einstein
Category:heroes Date:1879
Updated:2018-02-26 10:54 by Don Higgins
Rotary International
Category:rotary Date:1905
Updated:2017-12-27 07:45 by Don Higgins
Rotary Foundation
Category:rotary Date:1917
Updated:2017-12-26 20:52 by Don Higgins
Carl Sagan
Category:heroes Date:1932
Updated:2018-02-26 11:04 by Don Higgins
Dr. John Ehrman the Father of IBM High Level Assembler
Category:heroes Date:1935
Updated:2018-03-16 13:55 by Don Higgins
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Research
Category:space Date:1936
Updated:2018-01-04 10:25 by Don Higgins
Paul Slosberg
Category:heroes Date:1941
Updated:2018-04-13 06:14 by Don Higgins
Stephen Hawking
Category:heroes Date:1942
Updated:2018-03-16 12:50 by Don Higgins
Charlottetown Childhood Home  Map
Charlottetown Childhood Home 29 Villa Avenue, Charlottetown, PEI, CA
Category:homes Date:1945
Updated:2018-04-14 13:22 by Don Higgins
John Von Neuman Inventor of Stored Program Computing
Category:heroes Date:1945
Updated:2018-02-26 11:10 by Don Higgins
Don Higgins
Category:family Date:1945
Updated:2017-12-27 05:28 by Don Higgins
Category:languages Date:1947
Updated:2018-01-17 07:05 by Don Higgins
Charlotte Turano Higgins
Category:family Date:1947
Updated:2017-12-17 06:25 by Don Higgins
Don and Janet Higgins
Category:family Date:1949
Updated:2018-01-03 07:52 by Don Higgins
I would be true, for there are those that trust me
Category:music Date:1950
Updated:2018-01-06 08:28 by Don Higgins
How Much is That Doggie in the Window
Category:music Date:1950
Updated:2018-01-05 11:15 by Don Higgins
Shorecrest Outdoor School
Category:education Date:1950-1953
Updated:2017-12-31 11:24 by Don Higgins
Summer Cottage Cavendish PEI  Map
Summer Cottage Cavendish PEI RR 5, Hunter River, Cavendish, PEI, CA
Category:homes Date:1951
Updated:2018-04-14 13:27 by Don Higgins
Northward Elementary School
Category:education Date:1954-1954
Updated:2017-12-30 12:34 by Don Higgins
First new home with Bill, Louise, and Billy  Map
Category:homes Date:1955
Updated:2018-04-22 16:15 by Don Higgins
Harris Elementary School
Category:education Date:1955-1957
Updated:2017-12-31 11:16 by Don Higgins
Lealman Junior High School
Category:education Date:1958-1960
Updated:2017-12-31 11:28 by Don Higgins
Sears Moped
Category:motorcycles Date:1959
Updated:2018-01-15 07:37 by Don Higgins
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