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Timeline of Vacations
Category:vacations Date:1969
Updated:2018-01-09 19:31 by Don Higgins
West Coast of USA
Category:vacations Date:1978
Updated:2018-01-12 09:14 by Don Higgins
Walt Disney World
Category:vacations Date:1980
Updated:2018-01-24 11:20 by Don Higgins
Balsams Resort
Category:vacations Date:1983
Updated:2018-01-09 19:16 by Don Higgins
Vail Ski Resort
Category:vacations Date:1986
Updated:2018-01-10 10:42 by Don Higgins
Alaska Cruise with Holland America
Category:vacations Date:1997
Updated:2018-01-09 19:29 by Don Higgins
Hawaii with Perillo
Category:vacations Date:2000
Updated:2018-01-09 19:42 by Don Higgins
Lake Tahoe
Category:vacations Date:2001
Updated:2018-01-10 11:07 by Don Higgins
Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore
Category:vacations Date:2004
Updated:2018-01-17 06:50 by Don Higgins
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Category:vacations Date:2006
Updated:2018-01-12 17:28 by Don Higgins
Western Canada
Category:vacations Date:2006
Updated:2018-01-12 09:19 by Don Higgins
Newport Road Island
Category:vacations Date:2007
Updated:2018-01-13 06:42 by Don Higgins
Grand Canyon, Brice, Zion National Parks
Category:vacations Date:2011
Updated:2018-01-24 17:28 by Don Higgins
England and Scotland
Category:vacations Date:2012
Updated:2018-01-13 07:29 by Don Higgins
Best of Italy
Category:vacations Date:2012
Updated:2018-01-13 07:04 by Don Higgins
Paris to Normandy Riverboat Cruise
Category:vacations Date:2014
Updated:2018-01-12 17:41 by Don Higgins
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